Audio Hijack Podcaster Echo

Updated 2015-05-13

If you are like me you can’t concentrate when where is a slight echo in your headphones. Finally after much experimenting I was able to remove the echo from my headphones when recording Skype calls with Audio Hijack 3.   I thought I would share my recipe for using Audio Hijack 3 and a Rode Podcaster mic to record Skype calls without my voice echo.


What I determined was the echo was Audio Hijack 3 planing back my voice in the headset.   I was hearing both myself from the Mic headphone jack and what was being feed to me via Audio Hijack.  The solution was to remove my voice from Skype stream to the headphones.  Also recording the two tracks in two different files made life that much better when editing.

I added a dynamic processor for me to cut out background and such.  I did not want to do this on the Skype side because I don’t have full control over their stuff and background.

Here is how the setup looks in Audio Hijack 3, hope this helps. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions or this helped you.

Works great for recording my interviews on

Audio Hijack Podcaster Echo

Audio Hijack 3 recipe for Rode Podcaster and Skype