About Bill, Chris and Aubrey

Bill Debevc is an expBillDebevcSmallert in Autodesk software and Information Technology (I.T.) specializing in technologies for the AEC marketplace. He has over 29 years of experience using, supporting, and customizing Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit software. As a Microsoft Certified Systems Expert (MCSE) he uses his extensive I.T. experience to implement industry leading I.T. solutions. Currently, as an application specialist for U.S. CAD, Bill is now sharing his knowledge about Autodesk software helping the AEC industry reduce costs and increase productivity.

You can find Bill on Twitter as @BillDebevc

ChrisInmanChris Inman brings over 15 years of IT experience within small to medium sized business environments and often found himself the one-man IT show in the organisations he supported. With a background and degree in Information Technologies, years of electronics troubleshooting, and sales savvy, Chris is well suited to handle the complexities of the helpdesk, technical sales support, as well as strategic technical advances in the business environment.

Currently on a grand adventure, Chris resides in Japan with his wife, and provides security and suitability services for civilian human resources on a US military base. In his time overseas, he has also built a photography business that relies heavily on the computing power of a Mac to drive Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

You can find Chris on Twitter as @ChrisInman

Aubrey Frederick oAubreyffers more than 16 years of experience in the AEC Industry specializing in AutoCAD and BIM technologies. As an Autodesk Certified Professional he provides implementation solutions for BIM best practices, end user software transition, and reduce the cost for the contractor performing the installation. When doing production he utilizes Autodesk AutoCAD MEP, Revit, and Navisworks Manage while also providing technical support. He recently founded iCAD Solutions, LLC, a BIM software startup. Aubrey is now sharing his knowledge about Autodesk software helping AEC professionals produce efficient consistent workflows.

You can find Aubrey on Twitter as @AFtheNavisChef